Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Call us on 07895 014 716 to arrange an assessment visit to our play centre with your dog. You can meet the team and see how happy the other dogs are.

Are you insured?

Yes. Dora’s Doggy Daycare is fully insured with specialist animal trade insurers. Our insurance covers public liability, day care, custody and transportation (where required) of your dog.

Are you licensed?

We have obtained all necessary licenses that are available to the business and have planning permission from Halton Borough Council.

Will my dog be supervised at all times?

Yes. No dogs will be left unattended at any time.

Do you only accept well trained dogs?

No. In fact one of the reasons people bring their dogs to day care is to help with training and socialisation. Many owners have noticed improvement in their dogs behaviour after attending day care

I have a puppy or small dog, can they come to day care?

Of course. Day care is the perfect environment for your puppy as it ensures they will get the socialisation skills they need. We accept puppies from 12 weeks old, or once they are out of vaccination period. Regarding small dogs; if you do not wish your small dog to be around the bigger dogs then we have a separate area for them to play in.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with other dogs?

Dora’s Doggy Daycare are extremely strict in only accepting social dogs. This ensures all the dogs are happy in each other’s company and there are no hostile encounters.

What happens in a medical emergency?

This situation will be assessed by our qualified staff. We will contact you and take your dog to our appointed vet if required.